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Did you have a rewarding experience working on your healing with me?  Please share!


Your testimonial would be invaluable not only to me but also for others looking for assistance in their healing. By reading about your experience, they will have a better idea of whether or not my demeanour and approach would be a good fit for them and their healing needs. 

What to write? How to write it?

Whatever words flow from your heart to the page! Maybe you have a little story to share that unfolded during your healing process. Maybe you felt a certain way during the healing sessions and/or after? You could also describe what it was like working with me.

Below, please indicate how you would like your name to appear -- or not appear. For example, maybe you prefer just your first name along with your location (e.g. Sue from New York). Or, maybe you prefer simply your initials or even "Anonymous". Or, maybe you would like to include both your first and last name! Please choose what feels right for you regardless of how others have done it on my website. 

Your testimonial will not post automatically. I will receive it and then manually upload it. If at any time you would like to change or amend it in any way, please contact me, no problem. 

Thank you for sharing and for your time!​ I appreciate it so!

Warmest wishes always,

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