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What is The Emotion Code?

The Emotion Code is a methodology that was developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson during his years of practice as a holistic chiropractor. This method involves connecting with one’s Subconscious and using muscle-testing (applied kinesiology) to identify and release trapped emotions (i.e. emotional baggage) within one’s body.


When we experience emotions in an acute way, gone unprocessed they can become trapped within us. A 'Trapped Emotion' is literally a ball of energy that vibrates at the frequency of the emotion that it is. Different emotions vibrate at different levels.



For example, Shame vibrates at a lower frequency than Fear or Anger. Although all emotional baggage is ‘invisible’, wherever a trapped emotion is lodged in our body, that part of the body is literally vibrating at the frequency of that emotion all the time. This, in effect, creates an imbalance in the tissues of that area of the body. It makes sense then that over a prolonged period of time, trapped emotions can even create real physical pain.

Also—by way of the Law of Attraction—any vibrations we are carrying within us, are also attracting like-vibrations into our everyday experiences and interactions with people (given their own vibrational makeups).


The Emotion-Code technique takes the approach that almost all pain has an emotional root and—just like with any holistic approach—by healing the underlying cause of an issue, the body can then find its own balance again and heal itself.

How The Emotion Code Can Help You

Almost all pain and discomfort you experience has an underlying emotional component  from a past event you (or an ancestor of yours) experienced. The Emotion Code technique goes to the root of the problem by identifying and releasing emotional baggage (i.e. trapped emotions) from your body.

Trapped emotions can cause (to name a few):

  • physical pain

  • emotional pain (heightened distress in certain situations or with certain individuals)

  • malfunction of organs

  • depression

  • anxiety

  • panic attacks

  • eating disorders

  • self-sabotage of all types

  • serious illness

  • PTSD

It is important to understand that trapped emotions exacerbate present pain. Therefore, if we remove the lower-vibrating energies from a past experience, we remove the 'overwhelm' for the present pain—both physically and emotionally. This technique serves to literally clear the slate for you so that you can go forward with less 'emotional charge' and more clarity for any given situation.

“When a trapped emotion is removed, often times it changes how people feel; it changes the emotions that tend to well up inside them about certain people or certain events, that seem to just go away”.  ~ Dr. Bradley Nelson

The-Emotion-Code technique also has been proven effective for healing chronic pain. You may have tried already various western and holistic methods to heal the issue and yet it persists. While no one can guarantee a cure—myself included—it has been amazing to see in my practice how in as little as one session, someone's chronic pain can suddenly become lighter and even resolved all together. In such cases, it is quite common for a higher percentage of the trapped emotions that we identify and release to be in fact inherited trapped emotions. Indeed, this healing modality is cutting-edge and can even assist you in healing your ancestral lineage.

When you have the courage to look inward to heal your own pain, there is an incalculable rippling effect that extends beyond you. In healing yourself,—I truly believe—you are simultaneously assisting in healing the world.

Minor energetic shifts within you can equate to major life shifts in your relationships, happiness, physical health and success.