About Me

Throughout my career I have always strived to use my time, skills and energy to make a meaningful impact in the world. For many years, I worked as a teacher, mentor, and career counsellor within the international education sector. I worked hard to make my small impact in helping others open their minds and hearts to other cultures and beliefs. Through this process, it was my hope that more compassion could be instilled in this world. In a way, my mission – even before I realized it myself – was always about helping others heal their own hearts.


My interest in alternative healing techniques began at a very young age thanks to a very special Aunt of mine, who was trained in both traditional physical therapy as well as craniosacral healing. Through her generosity and genuine love for healing, she devoted much of her time treating me as well as answering my never-ending questions about the universe. I will never forget how mind-boggling it was for me some 20+ years ago when my Aunt declared to me she would be “giving me a treatment that evening” – even though I was physically in Ohio and she was in Rhode Island.

I have cherished my Aunt’s healing wisdom throughout the years and it has guided me to be open to exploring other energy-healing techniques but always to do so with discernment and with balance (i.e. in conjunction with traditional western medicine). After college, I moved to Spain to continue my graduate studies. During my first years there, I spent most of my Fridays at a Reiki centre, practicing and receiving Reiki treatments with fellow other enthusiasts. My love for Reiki later led me to a similar energy-healing technique at ASHLA, a centre in Madrid that teaches “Channeling Universal Energy”.


After 5 lovely years in Spain, I moved to France where I lived for 4 years and then to the UK where I am currently living (since 2014). During my years in France and the UK, I have continued to explore different healing methods including Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), EMDR, Quantum Hypnosis Healing Technique (QHHT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Field Thought Therapy – to name a few. Each one has played its role in helping me along my own healing path but it was not until I found The Emotion Code that my heart truly sang with joy – and relief! A healing technique that is gentle and efficient and that effectively removed symptoms I had spent years working on.


I decided to learn the technique to administer it on myself, which led me to realizing that a new path of ‘healing hearts’ had opened to me. I have since decided that I want nothing more than to truly help others heal, too, with The Emotion Code & Body Code™ Systems. It is my sincere belief and experience that the root cause of nearly all emotional and physical pain, is from an imbalance in our bodies caused by trapped emotions.

I offer sessions in either the English or Spanish language, and am also happy to do sessions in other languages (if you have someone to help translate!)… After all, the beauty of this technique is that not much talking needs to be done at all. We simply identify the imbalances, acknowledge them (by having brought them to awareness) and then release with a lot of Love and a lot of Light while using a magnet.

Thank you for taking the time to explore me and my website. If it feels right for you, I look forward to assisting you in your healing.


Warmest wishes,



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